Purpose of the Project – construction, operation, and management of solar power plant complex in Ukraine. The total capacity of the first stage – 42 MW. Location – Odessa region, Dnipro region, Kirovohrad region. Status of project documentation – «Shovel Ready». Potential form of cooperation – JV and another form of investment. The total area of lands – 79.14 ha (49 years lease contract). Kirovohrad region – 50.0 ha; Odessa region – 14.0 ha; Dnipro region – 15.14 ha. The total capacity of the first stage – 41.65 MW. Kirovohrad region – 24.75 MW; Odessa region – 7.0 MW; Dnipro region – 9.90 MW. Some technical indicators of the Project: Annual global irradiation received, total – 8,908.00 kWh/sq.m Annual electricity production, total – 7,189.00 kWh/kWp. Green tariff rate, total – 0.25 EUR/kWh Background to Investment: green tariff rates are approved EUR 0,1499 for 1 kW/h if connected in 2017-2019; According to the Energy strategy of Ukraine till 2020 which is the part of its international obligations, the share of the renewable energy should reach 11% of total capacities; green tariff law adopted in 2009 and effective till December 31, 2029, gives an incentive to produce energy under the Green tariff; facility constructions, using materials and services of Ukrainian origin will increase the Green tariff up to 10%.