Winery is an Operating Business that specializes in the growing grapes for processing of the grape materials, production of wine products and sale under own trademarks\brands. Description of location: region has the optimal natural conditions for the production; location of the winery is determined as an analog from the center of Italy until the center of France, from north to south. The total area of land – 2,180 ha (private property). The total area of production buildings and facilities – 5 706,6 sq.m (private property). Description of production area: bottling shop (origin equipment of EU, Italy) for Sparkling Wines – 3 000 bottles per hour; for Still Wines – 3 000 bottles per hour; process with control of В&B – from 3 L up to 10 L – up to 40 000 units per month; wine materials storage – up to 1 100 000 daL; processing shop – up to 20 000 mt per year; type of processing wine materials, control – by source local of raw materials. certified laboratory labor resource – skilled employees with experience between 5 and 15 years in the wine. Additional information: permits and licenses for activity – was artesian well – debit 10 mt per hour; electricity – 500 kW. Assortment – more than 50 names of brand products. Market demand of Ukraine –Export – China (500 000 bottles per year), develop other directions of export.