Developing Economy and a big market close to the EU

The Ukrainian economy is an economy in growth, which is driven by a very favourable agricultural sector, exports of steel and domestic consumption. The market volume is 45 million consumers and is relatively free of competitors and full of free niches. Therefore, the local economy is extremely flexible and provides a lot of opportunities for foreign businesses. Currently, the country's gross domestic product is an estimated 81.4 billion. Low competition in many industrial and nonindustrial fields. Despite Ukraine covering about 20 major industries, namely power generating, fuel, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical and gas, machine-building and metal-working, forest, wood-working, and wood pulp and paper, construction materials, light, food, and others there is still low competition in many industrial and nonindustrial fields. Ukraine offers a large and especially profitable market space for any commercial articles or intentions.