Huge natural resources

Huge natural resources. Significant natural resource of highly arable land. Ukraine has 33 % of the world total resource fertile soil composed of (chernozems) which makes the agrarian sector very perspective and profitable. Also, huge resources, abundance, and variety of minerals easily exceed even the resources of the world biggest countries. More than 20,000 deposits and manifestations of 200 different minerals have been discovered in Ukraine. Of these, about 8 000 deposits of 94 types of minerals are of industrial importance. Ukraine’s main natural resources include iron ore, coal, manganese ore, natural gas, petroleum, sulfur, graphite, titanium ore, magnesium, uranium, chromium, nickel, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, rare earth metals, potassium, rock salt and kaolinite, as well as mineral waters and others. The deposits are located in different regions of Ukraine.