Low-Cost Production Platform close to EU

Low-Cost Production Platform close to EU. Significant cost savings for wages, energies and raw materials. The devaluation of the Ukrainian national currency (hryvnia) changed Ukraine into one of the most competitive low-cost production platforms globally. Tariffs prices for gas, power or gasoline are notably lower than in any other EU state. Based on current tariffs, electricity prices for industrial enterprises are much lower in Ukraine than neighbouring Poland (-25%), Czech Republic (-25%) or Slovakia (-37%). Significant cost savings for production are made Ukraine a very competitive and preferable place in selecting a manufacturing platform. Labor, raw materials and other production costs have declined significantly in U.S. dollar terms. In particular, labour-intensive industries such as food and agribusiness, light manufacturing and small machinery-building are benefiting the most. Many European companies in textile, automotive, FMCG and home appliances are producing goods in Ukraine.