Ukraine is close to the key markets

Ukraine is close to the key markets thankful its advantageous strategic position between Europe and Asia. Four Pan-European corridors run across the country. Ukraine which is considered the 44th world largest country forms a good commercial crossroads on the very busy route: Europe – Russia – Central Asia - the Middle East. That makes Ukraine a hub where a lot of different trade routes coexist. Moreover, Ukraine has a robust infrastructure for sustaining an export-oriented economy – close to 170,000 km of roadways, some 22,000 km of railways, access to the Black Sea and several ports that can service large vessels. Delivering goods in two days to European hubs versus a shipping container travelling from Asia over 40 days is an unbeatable advantage. Ukraine has also several frontiers with EU states Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and with non-EU states: Russia, Belarus, and Moldavia.