Unlocked the European market for Ukrainian exporters

Unlocked the European market for Ukrainian exporters as currently, the EU continues to apply its preferential trade regime for Ukrainian goods: for example, 83% of agricultural goods are imported duty-free to the EU. It is anticipated that exports will increase further given the large 500 million consumers EU market and the fact that major destinations in Europe may be reached within two track days. Implementation of the free trade zone with the EU encouraged Ukrainian businesses to expand exports to the region. The share of exports to the EU increased from 26% in 2012 to 35% in 2018 to date, with agricultural products and metals driving this growth. Automotive components are now the #1 export category to Germany. Future growth potential is great as per capita Ukraine exports remain low at $1,540 per year versus $4,956 in Poland and $6,605 for the sixteen CEE countries.