IT industry

Ukraine is 5th biggest market for IT outsourcing services now. The IT sector in the country experiences 25 percent growth annually, and it has risen by ten times on the amount it was ten years ago. Now Ukraine is 24th in the ranking of the best countries for software development. There are more than 4,000 tech firms and 110 research and development centers of large tech companies such as Microsoft, Wargaming, ABBYY, Samsung, Huawei, Siemens.  The country is home to 185,000 tech specialists, with 16,000 graduating each year. In 2018  Ukraine’s tech sector earned the country an estimated $4.5 billion USD from exports of tech services and made up 3.4 percent of Ukraine’s gross domestic product. This figure is projected to increase with the forecast for 2025 at USD 8.4 billion or around 4.65% of anticipated GDP. The world tech entrepreneurs also see Ukraine as future IT leader.