Metallurgy is the basic industry of the Ukrainian economy with 25% of Ukrainian industrial production. The country has 5% of the world’s deposits of minerals, the total value is 11 trillion USD and produces about 30 million tons of iron and steel annually, accounting for about 5% of GDP and also is one of the world’s largest exporter of iron and steel.
The metallurgy sector in Ukraine includes 14 integrated steel making plants, 7 pipe plants, 10 plants producing metallic articles, 16 merchant-coke plants, 17 refractory production plants, 20 non-ferrous metallurgical works, 35 factories reprocessing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, and other enterprises. Metallurgic plants are involved in black metallurgy (production of pipes and rolled products) and colour metallurgy (copper, titanium, carbon). Ukraine has about 27 billion tons of iron ore deposits.